Drywall Repair Services in Alexandria, VA

Looking for reliable drywall repair in Alexandria VA? Heiston Group Design Build specializes in providing top-notch drywall repair services in Alexandria, VA, and Northern Virginia. With over 25 years of experience in the Washington DC area, our team is dedicated to delivering excellent craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. Drywall repair is essential for maintaining and improving the value and appearance of your home. Our technicians are skilled in restoring, repairing, installing, and replacing drywall to ensure your home looks great and remains strong.

We’re licensed and insured for home repair so you can trust us with your drywall needs. Drywall is durable and commonly used in homes, offices, and commercial spaces. If you have wall cracks, discoloration, or scratches, drywall installation or repair we can help with any drywall issues. Call us at (571) 221-5493 to learn more.

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Drywall, also called gypsum board, is often used in building walls and ceilings inside homes. It gives a strong, flat surface that can be painted or wallpapered. But like other parts of your home, drywall can get damaged over time. Whether it gets hit, gets wet, or the house shifts, damaged drywall can make your living areas look bad and not as sturdy. At Heiston Group Design Build, we carefully fix drywall to ensure it looks great and stays strong.

Patching and Hole Repair

Patching is a common way to fix drywall. It works well for small to medium holes, cracks, and dents in walls. Heiston Group Design Build in Alexandria can patch up your damaged drywall and sheetrock quickly and cleanly, no matter how many holes you have.

Plaster Repair

We can fix cracked or crumbling plaster in your home. Our team will make sure your walls and ceilings look great and stay strong. We take care in restoring plaster to make it look like new. Trust us to make your plaster surfaces look great for a long time.

Ceiling Repair

Are there water stains, cracks, or bulging seams on your ceiling? Group Design Build in Alexandria can help. We are experts in fixing ceiling damage. Trust us to make your ceiling look like new again. Let us help you get rid of those annoying flaws.

Structural Repair

Drywall damage could mean there are hidden structural issues. Our team in Alexandria, VA can inspect the damage, find the cause, and offer solutions to repair it and prevent future issues. This ensures the building remains safe and stable for a long time.

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Common Drywall Issues and Their Causes


Drywall cracks happen when a house settles or changes with time. They can also happen because of temperature or humidity changes. Even small cracks can get bigger if not fixed. Our technicians can fill these cracks to make your home look new again.

Water Damage

Drywall can be damaged by water. Leaks from pipes, roofs, or windows can stain, bubble, or grow mold on drywall. It's important to fix leaks and damaged drywall quickly to avoid more damage and health problems. Our team will remove and replace any damaged material.


Sometimes holes in the wall happen by accident, like when a doorknob hits it or when furniture is moved around. Small holes are usually easy to fix, but bigger ones need a professional to make sure the repair looks good and lasts a long time.

Nail Pops

Nail pops happen when the nails or screws holding the drywall come loose and stick out. This makes small bumps on the wall, which look bad and can cause more damage if not fixed quickly. We can repair the bumps on your wall and make your drywall look good again.

Drywall Repair Near Alexandria Virginia

Do you need help with drywall repair services in Alexandria, VA? Heiston Group Design Build can help with any type of wall damage, like dents, cracks, or holes. Our team of drywall experts can fix dented walls or cracked ceilings quickly and efficiently. We will patch up any holes or damage and leave your home looking perfect again.

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Alexandria, VA is located in Northern Virginia, by the Potomac River and across from Washington, D.C. It has a rich history, especially during colonial times and the Civil War. The city has old buildings, a nice waterfront, and a mix of urban and rural areas. Alexandria has different neighborhoods, but Old Town is the most famous for its cobblestone streets and historic buildings.

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Schedule drywall repair service in Alexandria Virginia with Heiston Group Design Build. Contact us via email or phone (571) 221-5493 to set up an appointment. Our licensed handyman will fix your drywall properly the first time. We offer various drywall repair services to meet your needs. Our team can handle cracks, dents, holes, patching, installing, and replacing drywall. We can also repair or replace door handles, nails, and furniture marks. Contact us now to schedule your drywall repair in Alexandria, VA.

Drywall Repairs in Alexandria VA FAQs:

At Heiston Group Design Build, we fix different kinds of drywall damage. We can repair holes, cracks, water damage, nail pops, and dents and dings. Whether it’s from accidents, leaks, or everyday wear and tear, we can make your walls look new again.

  • Big holes or lots of cracks
  • Water damage or mold growing
  • Many dents or marks on walls
  • Hard to fix smoothly by yourself

Yes, we make sure to match the texture and finish of your current drywall when we do repairs. Whether your walls have a smooth finish, orange peel texture, or another style, we can match it to make everything blend nicely.

Drywall repairs can vary in time depending on the damage, size of the area, and texture. Small fixes are quick, but larger ones may take a few days. Our team works quickly to minimize disruption and finish repairs promptly.

In most cases, you don’t have to leave your home when we fix your walls. We try to make sure it’s not too inconvenient for you and your family. Sometimes we might ask you to move your things to keep them safe from dust and dirt.

Call us at (571) 221-5493 or email to schedule a consultation for drywall repair services. We will talk about your needs, answer questions, and set up a time to check out your project.